Collision Course


  • Complete pre-workout formula.
  • Incredible pumps; maximizes N.O. levels w/ 10 grams L-Citrulline & AstraGin—the bio-equivalent of nearly 15 grams of Citrulline (the maximum effective dose used in clinical trials).
  • Increased muscle fullness w/ 5 grams GlycerSize and betaine.
  • Contains Dyna-RUSH; a powerful, well-rounded stimulant blend w/ 100 mg active Dynamine and potent nootropics.
  • Smooth energy without the jitters.
  • Enhances Strength and endurance w/ creatine magnesium chelate & beta alanine.
  • ALL ingredients are dosed at or ABOVE effective clinical doses.

NOTE: One of the ingredients within Collision Course, GlycerSize, WILL cause the product to clump. This is unavoidable due to its hygroscopic nature. This does NOT alter the effectiveness of the product in any way. While we could have excluded this ingredient, we chose to prioritize effectiveness over convenience. Please keep this in mind prior to purchase, as we will not be accepting returns for this reason. Thank you.

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Collision Course