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• Improves Mood & Provides a Sense of Overall Wellbeing
• Increases Energy levels
• Enhances Cognition
• Increases Productivity
• Makes Menial or Mundane Tasks more Enjoyable
• Relieves Stress
• Suitable for Physical or Mental Undertakings
• All-Around Happy Pill!

E.T.A:  5-29-2024

Attention:  Mitradopa will be re-released under the name Endorphain.  In addition, we plan to release a companion product to Endorphain, called Endorphain PM.  Both products will provide the profound mood boosting effects and clarity of thought Mitradopa is known for, but Endorphain will be energizing, while Endorphain PM will be more relaxing in nature.   

Why did we change the formula?  Firstly, it’s important to understand that we did not adjust the formula out of necessity, but in order to further increase its potency AND eliminate potential digestive issues.  Previously, Mitradopa contained a small amount of plant fiber.  While this wasn’t problematic for most, a minority of customers brought it to out attention, so we decided to fix the problem.  Endorphain (and Endorphain PM) will contain zero plant fiber, but only the most potent extracts, thereby making it more powerful and easy on the stomach! 

With a history of providing highly unique and effective products that do what they’re supposed to do, I believe I have earned a bit of trust when it comes to making product claims.  So, believe me when I tell you that there is NOTHING on the market like Endorphain/Endorphain PM.  What can you expect?  Get ready to abandon the mundane, expand your mind, launch your mood into the stratosphere, and achieve a level of motivation, controlled energy, and clarity of thought previously thought unattainable with OTC supplementation.

What can Endorphain/ Endorphain PM be used for?

Going to the gym or engaging in physically grueling tasks?  Turbocharge your physicality without obliterating your adrenal system. Feel and perform amazingly well. 

Struggling to get through cardio or adhere to a tough contest prep?  It just became 10X easier.

Muscle soreness/pain impairing your performance?  While I can’t legally claim that Endorphain treats pain, I can say that all testers have made extremely significant claims in this area.

Participating in cognitively demanding projects?  Get ready to enter the hyper-focused flow state.

Need a break from the constant stress & anxiety of life?  Worry melts away, overwhelming situations begin to feel smaller, and your level of optimism increases exponentially.

Boredom and monotony plaguing your workplace?  Not anymore.  Even staring at a wall becomes tolerable, if not semi-enjoyable.  Not joking.

 Thank you for all your support and have a wonderful day!  God Bless.  –Mike Arnold.



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