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• Improves Mood & Provides a Sense of Overall Wellbeing
• Increases Energy levels
• Enhances Cognition
• Increases Productivity
• Makes Menial or Mundane Tasks more Enjoyable
• Relieves Stress
• Suitable for Physical or Mental Undertakings
• All-Around Happy Pill!

E.T.A:  10-20-2023

Mitradopa is estimated to be re-stocked sometime in late October, 2023.  The reason for the delay is multi-fold.  One, we are currently reformulating the product, in order to make it easier on the stomach. But don’t worry, it will still provide all the great mood-boosting effects Mitradopa is known for.  I promise!  You see, the original version included a combination of both Mitragyna Speciosa extract and ground leaf.  The ground leaf was only included to minimize cost, as the specialized extract we use is very costly.  However, we have decided to remove the ground leaf and in its place, increase the dose of extract…without increasing the cost!  So, unlike most reformulations, the new version will NOT be less effective by any metric.  If anything, it may be more potent than the original!

Two, we are re-marketing the product in order to reach a broader audience, as we’ve found that the product has more applications than simply improving mood or enhancing cognitive capacity.  As a result, we will be both re-naming and re-labeling the product.  It’s new name will be Mitradorphin, while the label design will have an entirely new look.

Lastly, we are hoping to launch Mitradorphin’s sister product, Mitrazepine, at roughly the same time.

Any updates regarding the either products’ release will be provided here.   Thank you for all your support and have a wonderful day!  God Bless.  –Mike Arnold.



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